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Ultrafine nano silica

  Ultrafine nano silica

  Application areas:

  Widely used in high temperature room temperature silicone rubber,liquid silicone rubber,adhesive-free glue,paint,coating,ink,resin,adhesive,rubber and plastic film,color masterbatch,cable material,resin fiberglass products,composite materials,electronic products,cosmetics,pharmaceutical products and other fields.

  Product Features:

  1.It plays the role of transparency,reinforcement,wear resistance,high temperature resistance,tear resistance and dielectric property in high temperature room temperature silicone rubber products.

  2,in the paint,paint,ink products to thicken,thixotropic,extinction,dispersion,anti-settling,anti-caking,anti-sagging,improve stability,water content adjustment,optimize the role of free flow and static applications.

  3,in the adhesive products to strengthen,thicken,thixotropic,anti-precipitation,anti-caking,processing aids,improve stability,adhesion and other effects.

  4.It plays the role of anti-sagging,anti-aging,anti-impact,high strength and smooth and delicate surface in resin glass fiber reinforced plastic products and composite materials.

  5,in the plastic film products to play the role of anti-aging,anti-impact,prevent foaming polyester cracking,improve strength and transparency.

  Technical indicators

Silica content %989898989898
colour %94.295959594.294.2
False specific gravity g/cm30.12-0.200.12-0.200.12-0.200.12-0.200.15-0.220.15-0.22
Average particle size UM9-127-1010-1310-135-86-9
Specific surface area m2/g185-205180-200180-200160-180200-230200-230
PH value6.5-7.56.5-7.56.5-7.56.5-7.56.5-7.56.5-7.5
Oil absorption value cm3/g2.3-2.82.3-2.82.3-2.82.3-2.81.8-2.51.8-2.5
Searing loss %4-64-64-64-64-64-6
Dry reduction %4-65-75-75-75-75-7
Sieve residue (45um)



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