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Company Profile

  Zhuzhou Xinglong Superfine Nano Material Co., Ltd. is located in Shifeng District, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province. Since its establishment, it has specialized in the production of superfine silica by precipitation method. It relies on Zhuzhou Xinglong New Material Co., Ltd. as its production base and produces silica for 30 years. experience of. After years of tempering, continuous trials, continuous innovation, and special research on the development of special ultra-fine silica for the requirements of different industries, has been well received by customers.

  While constantly upgrading the products, we are constantly stabilizing our products and achieving excellence. The company's products are related to synthetic rubber, silicone rubber, matting powder, ink, paint, pesticides and so on.

  Zhuzhou Xinglong Superfine Nano Material Co., Ltd. has formed a unique pilot advantage and unparalleled competitiveness. All of these achievements are inseparable from the joint efforts of our customers and all our colleagues for many years. I would also like to thank the partners and the community for their support.

  We have passion, we are determined, we have the confidence to raise the popularity of Xinglong to a higher level.


Zhuzhou Xinglong Superfine Nano Material Co., Ltd.



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address:Longtoupu Town, Shifeng District, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province