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Highly dispersible silica

  Highly dispersible silica

  Application areas:

  Widely used in high temperature room temperature silicone rubber,liquid silicone rubber,nail-free plastic,paint,paint,ink,resin,adhesive,rubber and electronic products,cosmetics,pharmaceutical products and other fields.

  Highly dispersible white carbon is used for the sidewall,which can greatly improve its tear strength,cut-resistant growth and ozone aging resistance.When used in combination with a durable antiozonant,the degree of surface fading is significantly improved.Highly dispersible white carbon black is widely used for steel cord hanging glue.It can be used together with resorcinol formaldehyde resin to form an RFS bonding system to increase the adhesion of copper-plated steel wire to rubber.It can also be combined with organic cobalt salt to form white carbon black/cobalt and white carbon black/resin/cobalt bonding.system.The adhesion of these two bonding systems before and after aging of heat,moisture and brine increased linearly with the increase in the amount of highly dispersible silica.

Standard project nameskills requirementHJ-666HJ-656
Silica content %≥969898
colour %≥949595
Average particle size UM
Specific surface area m2/g180-200180180
PH value6.5-
Dry reduction %≥455
Oil absorption value cm3/g2.3-2.52.322.38
Searing loss %≤
Sieve residue (45um)≤0.5<0.1<0.1



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