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Hydrophobic silica

  Hydrophobic silica

  Our hydrophobic silica is prepared by chemical reaction of hydrophilic silica with a silane coupling agent.It is hydrophobic(hydrophobic)and cannot be dispersed in water.Hydrophobic silica products are characterized by low hygroscopicity,good dispersibility,and rheology adjustment properties even for polar systems.Some products,after structural modification on the basis of hydrophobic treatment,can further help customers develop new products and improve product performance.For example,in liquid systems,hydrophobic silica can achieve high levels of addition with little effect on the viscosity of the system.

  Hydrophobic silica is the most suitable rheological additive in processing.Thickening of polar liquids,such as epoxy resins.Defoaming of defoamer;reinforcement of silicone elastomer;such as in molded products,good hydrophobicity,improved corrosion resistance,and improved dielectric properties.For example,in cable composites,powder glidants,and fire extinguishing agents,scratch resistance is improved in paints and plastics.Can be widely used in engineering plastics,modified plastics,silicone rubber,defoamers,paints,inks,fire extinguishing agents and powder coatings.

Silica content %9898
colour %9595
False specific gravity g/cm30.12-0.200.12-0.20
Average particle size UM5-88-12
Specific surface area m2/g120-150120-150
Dry reduction %5-75-7
PH value6.5-7.56.5-7.5
Sieve residue (45um)0.10.1
Oil absorption value cm3/g2.3-2.62.3-2.8
Searing loss %4-64-6
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