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The use of ultra-fine silica touches every detail of our lives

  Raw material water glass used for ultrafine silica,also known as saponin,colorless,cyan or brown solid or viscous liquid,is eutectic and cooled by melting silica in quartz(salt sand)and soda ash(soil)It is made by crushing,and its fuel is coal,natural gas or gas.The water glass production process can be divided into dry process and wet process.Usually,the dry process is used to produce solid water glass,which is then dissolved and converted into liquid water glass of the required specifications.The production technology and equipment of the precipitation method are simple,the product activity is not high,the particles are not easy to control,the affinity is poor,the reinforcing performance is low,the water-based hydroxyl bond on the surface of the particles is severe,and the binding force of the product is weakened.Secondary crystallization to produce ultrafine silica is an improved technique for variety treatment under the premise of precipitation production technology.With the new secondary crystallization process,it can be fully automated.The SiO2 content is above 94%,the specific surface area is 269~320m2/g,the coarsest particle size is 1000 mesh,and the finest is nanometer.

  Ultrafine silica is widely used in rubber,plastics,coatings,papermaking,and daily chemical industries as the best white supplement because of its acid resistance,alkali resistance,high temperature resistance,and good electrical insulation properties and dispersibility.Strong filler.The gas phase ultrafine silica is complicated to prepare and high in cost,and is mainly used for special purposes.

  Gas-phase ultrafine silica is widely used in silicone rubber,paints,inks and copier toners,adhesives,cable and unsaturated polyester resins,plant protection,food and cosmetics to strengthen and thicken,anti-caking,control system rheology and thixotropic effects.The gas phase ultrafine silica is widely applied to room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber and high temperature silicone rubber,and they are often dispersed in a matrix form in the form of agglomerates to form a three-dimensional network structure,and the contact surface with the silicone rubber base material is large.There are many cross-linking points formed during the vulcanization process,thereby thickening and reinforcing the silicone rubber.


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