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What is the role of white carbon black matting powder in solvent-based coatings?

  Commonly used matting powders are organic and inorganic.Class 2:Inorganic matting agent is mainly white carbon black matting agent.Its chemical composition is ultrafine silica,which is divided into two types:surface treated with organic matter and untreated.The application of white carbon black matting agent in coatings is now discussed.A pigment or filler is added to the coating and evenly distributed in the coating film to form a slightly rough surface.Production of matt paints using light calcium carbonate or talcum powder,etc.,the amount is large,often exceeds the critical pigment volume concentration of the coating to make the physical properties of the coating film deteriorate,such as delamination and hard precipitation,the use of matting powder can be avoided The larger the surface particles,the greater the degree of micro-roughness and the lower the gloss.

  1.Silica black matting powder extinction mechanism:The varnish coating film without matting agent is in the state of mirror film leveling.When the light reaches the surface of the mirror film,the incident light is partially absorbed,partially reflected,and the reflective portion makes the film appear luster.A paint film containing a silica black matting agent,the white carbon black particles uniformly distributed in the paint film form a micro-rough surface.Scanning electron micrographs of the cross-section of the coating film clearly show that the matting agent particles are evenly distributed in the coating film.When the incident light reaches the surface of the uneven paint film,diffuse reflection occurs,that is,scattering produces low-gloss matt and Matte appearance.The best matting effect can be obtained by using a white carbon black matting agent with high porosity,optimum particle size distribution and suitable surface treatment.

  2,white carbon black matting powder:natural silica by grinding to produce quartz sand(powder),more impurities,the main component is silica,can not be called white carbon black,no extinction performance,can only be used as The filler is applied to the coating without matting effect,and the silica white matting agent used as the coating is mainly composed of synthetic silica,split-phase silica and precipitated silica,and its microstructure is amorphous or glass.state.The synthesis of white carbon black by precipitation method uses quartz sand as the main raw material,and it is prepared by high-temperature melting reaction with sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate in a kiln and post-treatment.The fumed silica is obtained by hydrolyzing silicon tetrachloride vapor in an oxyhydrogen flame.Compared with natural silica,silica has high purity,inertness and ultraviolet light resistance.The refractive index of amorphous silica is 1.46,which is similar to the refractive index of many resins in the coating industry.Therefore,amorphous silica can be used as a matting powder in coatings and has good optical properties.


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